February 9, 2018

Snowing, 15 Degrees, Light Winds

Today’s walk was more about survival than creativity. We are at the beginning of a major winter storm here. We’ve had three or four inches of snow, with six to nine inches expected. The snow makes the walking difficult on the sidewalks in town, and very difficult in the woods. There are at least eight inches of soft snow on the ground back there and walking is more like trudging.

I was breathing pretty hard all the time, but especially when I climbed the long hills that are part of the terrain there. Sometimes I wonder if a man of my age (62) should be walking alone in the woods in these kinds of conditions. My hope is that my lifetime of athletic activity will spare me from a heart attack, even though most of that activity has stopped in recent years.

I had little if any opportunity today to be concerned with aesthetics. I took maybe ten or fifteen shots when something struck my eye, but I don’t know if those images will amount to much. The snow looks great on everything, but it didn’t look like much through the viewfinder. We’ll see when I edit today, but I expect not much more than a few documentary shots.

Last night, I experimented with some editing on the overhead tree branch shots. I like some of what I got. I’m still thinking about which version of these images to use. I’ll print them out and live with them for a while before I decide.

Here are some examples of different edits on one image. The top edit is a simple natural looking edit, the others involve more vignetting, color manipulation, and blur. Each has their own merits. What do you think?


That’s about all for today. I’m physically exhausted and wet from the knees down. Tomorrow is likely to be much harder. Another several inches of snow will make the walk even harder, though perhaps it won’t be snowing so hard so I can take my time a bit. If we get the full nine inches, I’ll dig out my snowshoes and see how they work, but I don’t look forward to messing with more equipment out there.

I’ve used the snowshoes before on a photo trip and the walking was still very tiring. In that case, however, I was wearing a 50 pound backpack. That might have had something to do with it.

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