February 14, 2018

Sunny, 20 Degrees, Calm Winds

Today was even nicer than the last couple of days have been. Not a cloud in the sky and it is warmer than it’s been in a while. There was a soft haze in the air today, probably due to the increased humidity that warmer temperatures bring. I knew it would create some nice effects in the woods so I hustled on my way down there.

It was another wonderful day to be in the woods. The mild temperatures made it a pleasure to walk at a comfortable pace. I didn’t have to worry about Jimmy freezing his poor little paws, so I took my time and even made a big detour through the deep snow in order to see some new sights. The haze created some beautiful shots in the woods, just as I thought it might. It creates a better sense of depth and helps to eliminate a little of the background clutter in the woods. This was only a faint haze, but it was still spectacular. I look forward to capturing some real fog at some point this year.

What a stunning atmosphere this morning!

I strayed from the path more today because the temperatures are milder. I’m also getting stronger as I wade through the deep snow every day. When the heavy snow first fell I was exhausted by the effort of walking through it. Now I feel the effort but it’s not exhausting and I recover more quickly afterwards. I decided to start a trail on another loop that I often walk. The snow had stopped me from going there for a while. It was foot deep snow all the way and the trail has a couple of substantial hills in it so I got a real work out. It was probably more than a quarter mile of post-holing through the deep snow.

The trip yielded a few views I haven’t shot. I don’t know if they were wonderful, but they were at least new. Because this walk is repetitive and there are relatively few alternatives, I tend to shoot the same scenes each morning. They’re just the most photogenic, there’s no getting away from it.

I’ve shot almost this exact view before but today it’s something really special.

Despite the repetition, I continue to be thankful for starting this project (shooting the same woods every day for a year). I keep seeing new things, making new compositions. The weather and light varies continuously and I know I can take my time with any idea because I will always have tomorrow to shoot it again if I want. All of these are good things and contrast with my usual three or four day trip to a scenic location. Three or four days is a good amount of time in one or two locations, but it can’t compare to over 350 days in one location.

Last night, I gathered together the best images from these first weeks of shooting. I ended up selecting 35 images. Those can be thinned considerably, but each one had something worthwhile to it. They would work in a book or some other kind of documentary of this process. Only a very few of them would actually be worthy of printing and selling, I think. I guess I need to start showing these images to my gallery and see what they they. I never know for sure whether they will see more than I do or less. The only way to find out is to show them.

Kind of neat to see Jamie slinking through this shot

In any case, 35 images from a few weeks in one season is pretty good. I still have a lot of things I want to shoot more, and I haven’t even come to a change of seasons yet. I frankly can’t wait, though I’m continuing to enjoy shooting in the winter.

I love the enthusiasm and the crazy positions Jamie gets into when he’s running. This dog comes when you call him!

I’ve been keeping my personal life out of this blog of late. I felt like it was really not something that the public would find of interest and it was making the posts too long. They’re long enough as it is. I will just return briefly to the subject of playing guitar since I’ve talked about it here before. I’ve continued to flip flop a bit on the subject, but I can feel that I will not likely be playing at all before too long. I don’t know if it has to do with doing all this photography and writing. I know it’s not entirely that, as I’ve settled into the routine of it and have time to play.

After some encouragement from a friend I got back to it for a few days and was enjoying it again but then I was playing one day and I just got fed up. I didn’t want to play any more so I stopped. It’s been a couple of days now since I touched the guitar. I’m starting to want to play again, but it’s not a powerful urge and I definitely don’t want to keep practicing the way I have been. I miss playing, but not what I have been playing. Something needs to change and I don’t know what it is. But I’m afraid I’m going to stop altogether before long.

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