February 23, 2018

Fog, Light Rain, 36 Degrees, Calm Winds

Today actually was a fairly unpleasant day to walk in the woods. It wasn’t so bad while I was photographing, but the steady rain slowly soaked through my jacket and pants and I slowly got colder and more uncomfortable. Once I was done shooting, I couldn’t wait to get home.


I played with converting this image to black and white. It’s tinted a little warmer than pure black. Interesting comparison. The color definitely adds something, but the monochrome has that more abstract feeling that I like. More choices for me to make. 

This was the first actual fog that I’ve seen since I started and I was excited to see what it would do to the landscape. It wasn’t the thickest fog I’ve seen but it was enough to change things. I took a few shots of the brush and trees on the walk down toward the woods, but I wanted to see what the fog did for the woods so I didn’t spend too much time up there.

The fog didn’t really transform the woods. It wasn’t thick enough and the light was so dim and flat that things didn’t look great. Still, I got some tighter shots that looked good through the viewfinder. They may be too dull to make great additions to my portfolio, but I liked the effect of the dark trees and brush in the foreground against the lighter background created by the fog. As always, we shall see when I edit the pictures.


Yesterday I was thinking a bit about how I’m feeling about what I’m accomplishing with the photography I’m doing. So far, I’m feeling pretty good about it. I feel like I’m getting some images that are unique, things that maybe no one, or at least no one I’ve seen, has done. That’s a pretty good feeling.

Over the last several years when I was away from photography and building motorcycles, photography seemed a little weak in comparison. Building motorcycles is all about hammering and bending and welding metal and the end product is very substantial compared with an image printed on paper. But I have to say that I feel that some of the images I’m making feel pretty strong.


This is another one that could work in monochrome. Completely different feelings and yet each a valid choice. 

The photographs could actually have much more of an impact than the motorcycles. They will likely be seen and purchased by many more people. And they’re something that people will live with in their homes. And I’m able to make many more images in less time than the motorcycles as well. In all, I built only three saleable motorcycles in three years. The guys that bought them love them, I’m sure, but it doesn’t compare to selling maybe dozens of photographs in the same period of time.

And then of course there’s this blog and any exhibits or books or other uses I pu t the photographs to. They have their own quality and reach. So all in all, I’m feeling quite good about what I’m doing. And this project is making me think about other things I’d like to do. I want to do some more cloud photographs this summer, and I’m thinking about doing a motorcycle trip and shooting what I see along the way. Could be pretty cool.

This shot is fascinating in that it varies every single day and we haven’t even gotten to spring, summer and fall. It’s a beautiful scene.

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