February 28, 2018

Partly Sunny, 45 Degrees, Light Southwest Winds.

This morning was a truly pleasant day to be in the woods. I know I say something like that a lot, but this really was pleasant. Though there were lots of clouds in the sky, there were patches of blue and a lot of soft light coming through the clouds that were there. The temperature felt really mild, though this was not the warmest morning I’ve had this year. I needed no hat or gloves this morning and even my light insulated jacket was too warm when I was walking, which is most of the time.


The soft light made for some nice photography. The light wasn’t as flat as it would be on a truly cloudy day. It was a little bit brighter and there was more color because of the thin sunlight. The light contributed to the relaxed mood this morning as well. The cloud cover meant that the light was pretty consistent and I didn’t have to worry about the hour getting too late.




I saw nice things in the viewfinder and the edited photographs bear out what I saw; rich, colorful, subtle shots with nice atmosphere. I shot mostly smaller compositions at medium focal length. I did shoot a lot along the marsh where the sky is most visible and there is some real distance for the background to get softer and gray but those shots weren’t as strong as some others.


Today is the end of my first month of photographing and writing every single day as I walk my dog Jamie in these woods. I’ll write a separate post to summarize the month, but I will say here that it’s been a great experience so far and has really awakened my love of photography. It’s already led to some very nice images that I am proud to have and I really loo forward to what the change of seasons has to offer in the months ahead. Read my February Wrap Up post for more.


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