March 2, 2018

Partly Sunny, 28 Degrees, West Wind 10 mph.

Today’s walk was probably the single most beautiful experience I have ever had in the outdoors. Yesterday’s morning rain turned to big flakes of wet snow and draped every inch of every branch of the woods with inches of snow. About 8” of snow fell altogether, creating an incredible snow globe world of gingerbread snow formations.

I’ll let these pictures speak for themselves. Nothing I say can add much more…

I walked the woods for an hour or so dumbstruck by every view. I kept saying to myself “Oh my God!” over and over again through the entire walk. Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God. The light was absolutely perfect with soft but bright skies. The sun shone through thin clouds most of the time so everything was lit beautifully but not blown out with direct sunshine. Toward the end of the walk, the sun began burning through more and I got shots with sun on the stunning snow formations.


Everywhere, trees were draped with snow and frost on every single branch and pine needle. Trees were bent and some large trees were even felled by the snow. The ubiquitous brush was draped almost to the ground with snow. There were incredible patterns and designs of dark branches set off by the ever-present snow. The forest was a sea of white with thin edges of dark trunk. It was simply stunning.


I took 252 photographs. 111 of them were of very good quality. 34 of those were of outstanding quality. Those are extraordinary numbers. Of course, I’ll probably weed those down to maybe 5 or 10 of the best.


The theme of yesterday’s post was constant change in the woods. Today I got that in spades. Within hours of yesterday’s rainy walk, it had begun to snow. By afternoon, the snow blanketed everything and the world was transformed. Amazingly, just as the snow came down big flocks of Starlings arrived, returning for the Spring and Summer ahead. They were hopping around in the snow devouring the bird seed my wife puts out.


It’s such a satisfying thing to see and be engaged with these cycles. It’s one of the best things about this project.


These are all of the best images from this day:


4 Replies to “March 2, 2018”

  1. I went outside this morning when I was feeding the birds and took several shots. It was so breathtaking I just couldn’t believe it. And I thought about how you must be thrilled with all this snow!! and also thought about all the fabulous shots you would take today! These are stunning Curt, truly.


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