March 7, 2018

Cloudy, 30 Degrees, Light Snow, Calm Winds.

This morning looked very much like the spectacular snow day we had last week. It looked like I would have a second chance to shoot the same remarkable conditions. Overnight we had three inches of snow and again it was warm enough that it stuck to every single branch and twig. This has the effect of outlining the structure of trees and bushes in a remarkable way. You simply have to marvel at the richness and complexity of nature.

Something Japanese about this one…

The snow wasn’t as heavy as last week so things weren’t as buried and weighed down with snow, but the lighter snow called out details that might have been overlooked last week. With that in mind, I focused more on details in my shooting today. I sought out all the subtle patterns and contrasts between trees, twigs, branches and pine needles along the walk. Actually, I didn’t have to seek the patterns. I just had to notice them, and they jumped out at me everywhere.

Almost like lace.

I think I found a lot of nice compositions that I can add to my winter images. It was not as overwhelming and gorgeous a day, but there was still much to see and photograph.

As I moved through the heavy snow deep in the woods I could really feel the fatigue I noticed yesterday. It is more pronounced today, probably because of the snow, but I am a little concerned that endurance may be an issue for me as this year grinds on. Once the snow stops, the walking will be easier, but the entire project is tiring. It’s not just the walk, but also the writing and editing and posting and photo editing. Soon I will be spending more time printing and transporting prints to my gallery, so that will add a little more to do.

I really like the mix of heavier and lighter weight lines in this one.

I guess it’s not the end of the earth to miss a day here and there out of the year. It’s bound to happen anyway, but having started the process and not missed a day yet, I don’t want to miss any really. Surely there will be times of year when there’s not a lot new to shoot and maybe I can rest a bit then, but so far I’ve had things to shoot every day with no problem.

The road shot facing uphill, rather than my usual downhill shot.

I don’t want to give a wrong impression here. I am thrilled with what this project is doing for me. I absolutely love that every single day of my life I am creating beautiful images that capture the richness, beauty, mystery and majesty of nature. Right now I feel exhausted and a little concerned for my endurance, but I am a determined and hard working person. I don’t give up easily.

Time to go download and edit pictures…

The ranks of pine trees down by the marsh.

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