March 10, 2018

Sunny, 22 Degrees, Light West Winds.

Though it is a lovely, sunny day this morning, a nice morning for a walk, it was not a good morning for photography. I’ve promised to be honest here and if I am honest, this was the first walk since I started this project that was kind of depressing. I worked hard to find something to shoot, walking deep into the woods off of the trails and I found little if nothing that looked promising to me.

WordPress just doesn’t seem to handle images very well. These look far better in Lightroom or Instagram.

As the sun rises earlier each day and rises higher in the sky faster and faster, the light for photography is gettting worse and worse. It’s true what they say about the golden hours of photography being right around dawn and dusk. Mid morning just doesn’t cut it.

Fortunately, daylight savings time arrives this weekend and I will gain an hour of low light in the morning, but that’s not really enough and it will continue to get worse as the year goes on. I am faced with either getting up earlier and earlier or relying on cloudy days to give me at least decent light. As I’ve said before, I’m not much inclined to get up in the dark and walk out to the woods every day. Once or twice a week sounds more reasonable to me, though I don’t want to do even that.


This may in part be my mood talking, but I also feel like I am reaching a limit to how many new ideas I have for shooting the woods, at least until we have a change of seasons where the woods begin to look different and new things emerge for me to photograph. I’ve done a lot with bare trees and bushes and tree bark, but I could use some nice spring green and the change of look that will overtake the forest when that happens.

The arrival of the leaves will soften the light in the woods as well, though leaves are still a long way off right now. Here in southern Michigan, leaves on trees probably are still a month and a half away. That’s a long time.

Even though I felt I was really stretching to find things to shoot. This one’s not bad. 

There was one really cool thing that happened, yesterday actually. I was down in the woods shooting tree bark and I began to hear some Sand Hill Cranes calling. They were quite loud. I could hear them approaching. They were flying in, looking for a place to land around the marsh. I don’t know how I can describe their calls. If you’ve heard them, you know how strange and pre-historic they sound. It’s a loud, hoarse sounding crowing sound, not unlike a rooster in some ways, but still very different.

They are a majestic site in the air. They’re quite large birds. Three of them passed overhead and I tried to get a picture, but there were too many obscuring trees. It was quite an experience to hear those calls when standing alone in the woods on a beautiful morning. Something to be thankful for.

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