Another day has passed now since I got the bad news about maybe losing my gallery representation. I’m still not entirely sure that I will lose it or whether I might gain it back at a later date. I’ve been making my case as gently as I can while trying not to irritate or offend the owners. No matter what happens, I want to stay on good terms with them. It’s entirely up to them what they do and I have no say in the matter.

Wall of Stones 1
One of my favorite images from my portfolio of previous work.

I woke this morning still with a little of that sickness in my stomach that signals distress. I had momentary doubts about my ability to continue this monumental project I’m engaged in, but they didn’t last long. My dog needs walking anyway and I might as well take the camera and shoot while I’m at it. Once I’m over to the woods, I inevitably find things that fascinate me visually and then I forget about anything else.

By writing and thinking about things a lot yesterday I had talked myself out of feeling too badly. I talked myself out of questioning my artistic ability. I absolutely love a lot of the photographs I’ve taken and I’m secure in the accomplishments I’ve had with them. There’s still some work to do to convince my unconscious that I’m okay, but I think that will happen over time. I’m including some of my earlier work here as examples of what I’ve sold in the gallery.

Sable Dunes
I love the powerful curve of the dunes in this shot.

I spoke with some artist friends of mine yesterday. We meet a couple of times a month to talk about our artistic lives and our art business lives. They were, of cou ase, supportive and had some ideas about other ways I might sell my work or at least exhibit it.

One friend suggested marketing my work to interior designers directly. I’ve worked with designers a lot in a previous life when I was a custom furniture maker. I think it’s potentially a really good market. I’m not thrilled about having to do the selling involved in reaching that market, but it’s not something I would be very uncomfortable doing. It’s food for thought.

Beach w Pool
This is another personal favorite. I love the rich, warm mid-tones and the moody sky. 

Another thing that my wife mentioned is possibly selling my work online. She does a lot of ebay sales and is quite successful at it. Of course I’d have to sell for a lot less money than I’m accustomed to, but maybe the volume would make up for the lower prices. I have no idea if this might work, but clearly if you reached any significant audience, you could sell a lot of work. It’s a possibility. It’s the way of the world these days and maybe it’s time to go with it.

Having this ongoing project is a life-saver right now. I’m sure that without it I’d be battling a real depression. I like this way of communicating and I like my concept of shooting every day and following the seasons throughout the year. Maybe I shouldn’t even be worrying about selling, but as a retiree with a modest retirement, it sure could help. If the stock market takes a dive, I could be hurting if I don’t have any other source of income.

Sable Point
This image captures the remote beauty of the Pictured Rocks beaches on Lake Superior.

Anyway, it does occur to me that worrying about someone else’s judgment of my work, worrying about whether the public will like what I’m doing, is not much fun. Here, I can hope that people like what I have to say and the way I say it and they can enjoy the photographs without worrying too much about whether it’s high art.

I have only a tiny following, but if even a handful of people are enjoying what I’m doing, and I am enjoying what I’m doing and enjoying writing about it, then it’s a success for me.

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