March 20, 2018

Sunny, 24 Degrees, North Northeast Winds 10-15 mph.

I almost missed the first full day of spring. It’s easy to do in this part of the world as we’re nowhere near spring here yet. The world is making its way around the sun and the sun is higher in the sky, but the temperatures remain cold and the world is gray and brown, with no hint of green yet. It is a nice day nonetheless, with the bright sunshine.

In the woods, the snow is patchy and crusty with some clear areas where the sun reaches in mid-day. The days have been warming to above freezing in the afternoons and we’ve had a long string of sunny days, something we don’t get in winter. The walking is pretty easy now though I suppose I’ll miss the exercise. No, actually I won’t miss it. I like exercise but walking in deep snow is not really fun, just hard.

Just an idea of the conditions in the woods.

I made small prints yesterday evening of some of my recent branch pictures and was very pleased with what I saw. The lovely patchy clouds yesterday look wonderful as a background to the trees and I’m finding some very cool trees that photograph really well. I think that today I will make a couple of large prints on the Epson Exhibition Fiber paper. I think the sharp details of these images might look really good on this smoother, semi-glossy paper.

I photographed more branches today, though the sky lacked the beautiful clouds of yesterday. I keep trying to refine my compositions and to find interesting groups of trees. I wandered through an un-tracked part of the woods in search of these and may have found some nice things.

This is a great set of trees. The sunshine adds another dimension.

I also photographed some really cool pine trees that line the road on the way to the woods. They’ve been catching my eye for a while now. I don’t usually stop there because Jamie is pretty hot to trot at that point and I’m eager to get him to the woods and let him loose. But today I decided I mustn’t pass these trees by. I hope some of the images come out well. I’m sure these trees deserve more attention in the future.

I think one of my strengths as a photographer is that I will return to a subject again and again, looking for that next angle, or building on the idea I have. I have a lot more I want to do with these tree branches and who knows what might happen as I pursue the idea. I definitely feel that it’s worth pursuing.

I like the twin trees at top. You might put them at the bottom, but there’s really no top or bottom to these shots and I think I like them hanging down from the top. 

The happy accident of the clouds yesterday is an example of what can happen when you revisit something repeatedly. And it’s a good example of the benefit of shooting every single day. Each little change in the weather affords new opportunities and that’s something you might miss if you shoot only occasionally.

I am really looking forward to going to the new locations I mentioned earlier. I know there is a virtually unlimited number of opportunities for these tree branch shots in the locations in the park. I have at least a couple of them in mind already.

I like the delicacy of these trees and the contrast between sunlit and shadowed trunks. 

This park has dense oak forest and lots of other mixed forests. It also has several spectacular solitary oak trees that I think might make good subjects. There’s also a river that runs through it. I have never found the river terribly photogenic in the past, but maybe this time I’ll see something different. I may go over there in the next few days in the evening, or perhaps at the weekend. I want to catch the trees when they’re bare and I really want to record the opening of the leaves later this spring.

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