March 25, 2018

Sunny, 25 Degrees, East Winds 10 – 20 mph.

The string of brilliantly sunny days continue. It’s windy today, so the wind chill was only 12 degrees when I left late this morning. You would think it would be freezing cold, but somehow the sun and the experience of the long winter makes this temperature perfectly comfortable.

A sense of the sunny day we had today.

I took a relaxed walk with Jamie on our usual route through the neighborhoods and up to the woods. I took the NEX-7 and the long lens and shot tree tops and tree branches, trying to capture the remarkable variety of forms that the branches take. The sun was brilliant, so the sunny side of the tree tops were lit up quite bright against the sky.

Branches with lots of buds.

These things fascinate me, just as does the bark. I’m not sure why, they just do. I loved several of the images I took yesterday, even though they were no more than branches silhouetted against the sky. They are very decorative. I would print them and hang them on my wall, but they may be little more than wallpaper.

These buds appear to be opening and flowering now. I believe this is a Maple tree. 

I also spotted a couple of birds that I photographed. One was a Downy, and I think the other was a Flicker. I couldn’t see him as well as the Downy. I don’t expect any wonderful photos as the lighting was difficult, but it’s fun to see them and have a long lens on to get at least something.

The Downy is a small woodpecker with a trilling call that is quite distinctive. 

I am always struggling with this issue of whether my images are Art (capital intentional), or documentary, or decoration. I guess I struggle because if I want to exhibit or sell my work, I need to feel that they are Art. As far as I’m concerned, I like them whether they are Art or not. They are meaningful to me, no matter how simple, but I don’t know that anyone else would feel that way.

I really like the fineness of these branches.

All of this begs the question of what exactly is art? And that’s a question I won’t take up this morning. It’s too big and I’m not in the mood for lengthy philosophical questions this morning. For now, I’ve just had a nice walk in nature and I’ve been observing her and her progress through the seasons. And that’s enough for me.

A closeup of Maple buds. I’m not sure if these will be flowers or leaves. I’ll know soon…

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