April 1, 2018

Sunny, 28 Degrees, West Wind 5 – 10 mph.

April Fools day and Easter all in one day. I am not a practical joker or a religious man either, so it’s just another Sunday to me. It’s a beautiful morning despite a wind chill around 20 degrees. The sun is shining brightly and there are nice puffy clouds near the Eastern horizon, making for some visual interest.

These look much better on a big screen. There, I like them a lot. 

This prompted me to hustle down to my scenic spot in the woods with Jamie. I skipped the usual route and the time I normally spend shooting things on the way down there in order to go directly there. I was not disappointed. The sun was strong and the clouds added variety both in light and in the sky.

I like the wild distortion that the lens creates at wide openings. 

I was shooting again with the Lensbaby, interested in exploring further what it might do on a brighter day. I wanted to focus more on which focal lengths created the best effects for what shots. I stuck to smaller apertures for the scenic shots so as to have more of the shot in focus. I used wider apertures on the overhead branch shots that I took as the distortion created by these apertures helps with the trees.

Not as crazy about this one, but I like the distortion. 

As always, with a second day doing anything, I was able to be more discerning in how I used the lens. We will see what the results are like on a sunnier day, but the scenic shots looked pretty good through the lens. The tree branches didn’t look so good against the blue sky. I’ll probably convert these to a split tone to remove the blue.

This, I like a lot. Great mix of clarity, wild distortion, and light and dark. 

Figuring out exposure with the lens continues to be a challenge. I can’t figure out if I have any kind of auto-exposure or not. It would seem I do, but I still can’t really get a close exposure on the first try. I just shoot a frame, look at the image, adjust and shoot again. Not very efficient, but it gets the job done. Sometimes I had to compensate as much as 3 stops darker. Sometimes a stop or so lighter. I can’t make sense of it.

Again, I like the wildness of this one. 

A pretty light day today, after spending a lot of time yesterday catching up on my selecting of images and writing my wrap-up for the month of March. It’s hard to believe I’m only two months into this project. It seems like I’ve done so much. I am still looking forward to the upcoming spring. It remains a ways off.

This is simpler, but I like the clouds and the wild distortions at bottom left and right. 

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