April 4, 2018

Snow, 31 Degrees, West Wind 15 – 25 mph.

If I did not have a dog to walk, today is a day that I would not likely have left the house. With the high winds, the fine wet snow, and the gray skies, I would have huddled inside and cursed mother nature. But Jamie is game to go out in any weather, and so we went. Of course I took a camera and it turned out that the woods were a beautiful study in black and white.

An incredible number of tiny vines and bushes. 

On a day that I had little or no hope for, the woods were a visual feast. The tiniest of branches was lined with snow, creating the most incredible patterns of black and white that you could imagine. The branches weren’t covered with the heavy snow of last month, but the fine snow outlined the tremendous delicacy of the brush on the upper level of the woods.

I love the delicacy of the bushed in front and the layering of depth in this image. 

There was also the stark contrasts between the dark trunks of the trees and the delicate tracery of the branches, and also the atmospheric perspective created by the falling snow. There was a lot to photograph and I forgot about the ugly weather while I was shooting. I worried a bit about exposing the camera to the snow, but otherwise I was absorbed in looking and photographing.

Once again, I like the layering of depth here. 

On the latter part of the walk, the wind and wet started to get to me a bit and Jamie and I hustled back to the house to get warm and dry. He trotted alongside with few stops to sniff and pee. I think he was ready to get home too. All in all, not a nice day to be out, but a lot to see, and I’m thankful for that.

And an even more extreme layering of depth in this image. 
The road as I leave the woods. 

Yesterday afternoon I did make a short trip out to photograph some of the buds I’ve been watching in the neighborhood. It’s been amazing to watch these little branches grow and the buds on them swell. I didn’t realize that so much of the growth on a tree happened before any leaves have even emerged. I’ve watched these little branches grow from nothing up to four or five inches in length on some of these trees. The buds also look ready to burst so, despite the snow, we have tiny leaves not too far in the future.

The entire purplish growth from the far right is new this spring. You can clearly see the buds opening. These look like these will be leaves. 
Once again, the entire branch on which these buds sit is new growth this spring. And the buds are really bursting open. Leaves are soon to come. 

As I’m sitting and writing this our cute little gray cat is rolling around on the floor next to Jamie, who is grooming himself after our walk. She’s trying to get his attention. She really wants my attention, but she knows she can’t get up in my lap when I’m writing.

I found this pine tree with tiny pine cones growing from the root of its flower. 

It’s so cute to watch a little cat so completely trusting of  Jamie. She’s over there now rolling on her back and gently pawing at his nose as if he might give her the attention she needs. He’s allowing her to rub across his face and he’s sniffing her a bit, slightly non-plussed, but completely patient with her.

She grew up with him since she was six weeks old and Jamie has been surrounded by cats all his life. You will often find Jamie and all three of our cats lying on our bed together. You will always find them there when Lisa is taking a nap.

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