April 6, 2018

Snow, 34 Degrees, Light Winds

I awoke to another layer of snow on the ground this morning. It’s only an inch or less, but it looks like winter out there again. The walk, however, was actually quite pleasant. With the relatively mild temperatures and the calm winds and snow, there was a quietness to the landscape that was nice after a couple of days of wind.

I’ve always liked these Pine branches with the cones on them. 

I could see that there was snow coating the small branches of the trees and I had hope that there might be nice things to photograph this morning. I was not disappointed. There was the same magical look where every tiny branch is called out in black and white, making for delicate traceries in the distance and bold linear compositions in the foreground.

Sumac bush with forest beyond. 

I shot a number of nice compositions with strong foreground elements against blurred backgrounds, using my Canon and the 70 – 200mm lens. I hadn’t used the camera with this lens in a while. The viewfinder was a pleasure—clear and bright—but the weight was noticeable after using the Sony for a few days. With this camera I can be sure that the images will be really sharp and clear, which will be important with these delicate images.

Woods with branches beyond. 

I was wise to get up when I did, as the snow quickly began melting off of the smaller branches. By the time I was leaving the woods, the moment was gone. This points out the fleeting nature of landscape photography. Had I gotten up a half hour later, I would have had little to photograph.

More Pine branches. I like the blurred branches at right. 

Last night, and again this morning, I was feeling exhausted. I was thinking this morning as I got up that I might need to give myself a break from this regimen of shooting and writing every single day. I’ve thought about this before, but I was seriously considering at least taking time off from writing and posting on Facebook.

By the time I headed out, the snow was melting, leaving the woods darker. 

I will photograph every day that I can, it’s easy and enjoyable enough. I may not expect so much from each shoot, and just shoot what catches my eye, but I will continue shooting. It’s the whole package that’s exhausting. I’ve been doing this every day now, seven days a week, for ten weeks. It’s a lot, but I still haven’t wanted to break the continuity of what I’ve been doing. I guess we’ll see.

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