April 8, 2018

Sunny, 21 Degrees, Calm Winds.

I’m up before sunrise this morning and out the door a little earlier than usual, especially for a weekend. It’s another beautiful day, but the cold is more noticeable with the sun lower in the sky. It doesn’t feel anything like April to me.

The dirt road outside the woods looks nice in the morning sun, so I take a number of shots there before heading into the woods. I’m liking these shots with the long lens. It compresses the woods on the side of the road and emphasizes the little tunnel of light at the end of the road.

Very pretty light early this morning. 

The birds are singing again, though not as much as they are later in the morning. I shoot nothing on the walk down to the woods, but when I get there, the light is nice and I take a number of shots. Maybe nothing to write home about, but the early light is very nice.

When I get to the pines by the marsh, again the light is nice. The sun is farther to the East than when I normally get here, so it’s changing the feel of things. I take a number of shots from several different vantage points. I’m hopeful that some will be nice after editing.


They are all challenging shots with the sun in , or just out of the frame and dark trees in the foreground. The sky is inevitably a little blown out and the trees very dark. I like the feel of this, but it can be tough to edit these images and get what you see in the scene.

I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but I am seriously considering selling my Canon 5ds and its lenses and moving to a Sony A7R III. I distinctly remember completely dismissing my NEX-7 as a useless camera just a few weeks ago, but with some new lenses and more practice, I’m coming to like it—a lot. The light weight and compact size are fantastic, and I like how the multiplier makes the 200mm lens into a 300. I find I’m using that lens a lot.


The A7R is a full frame 42 megapixel camera that can take fantastic images but weighs a fraction of the Canon. High quality lenses for it are bulkier and heavier than the ones I’m using on the NEX-7, but they are still much lighter than the Canon’s lenses. I think the entire rig might weigh less than half what the Canon does.

The full frame sensor should provide good low light performance, and the high resolution should create sharp and detailed images; almost, but not quite that of the Canon. Still, it should be more than good enough for big prints.


The viewfinder on the A7R won’t match the Canon, but it’s more than triple the resolution of the NEX-7 and bigger to boot. I think I’ll like it better, and I’m getting used to seeing my image with the naked eye and just using the viewfinder for framing. This makes the viewfinder image quality less important.

Maybe it’s my age, but I find myself less and less willing to carry the heavy Canon. Actually, I’ve been chasing the holy grail of a small, light, interchangeable lens camera that takes great pictures for years now. The A7R might just be the one that makes it possible.

I think I can sell the Canon gear for enough to get me into the A7R with at least one good lens, possibly two. I’ll do the math today on size, weight, and cost and see what I come up with.

I’m really enjoying these road shots. Small changes in zoom and framing make a big difference. 

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