April 14, 2018

Rain, 38 Degrees, East Winds 10 – 20 mph.

Today is officially not a nice day to be outside. It’s raining steadily, the wind is gusty, and the temperature is chilly and falling. By afternoon, we may have snow or freezing rain. With all of that visible out my living room window, I nonetheless put on my layers of rain gear, prepare a camera and camera bag, and head outside.

At the last minute, I decide that a camera will be hopeless, and I reluctantly leave it behind. I’m wearing my new rain pants, a good rain coat with hood, gloves, and new rubber boots. Jamie is wearing nothing. Maybe I should get him a rain coat too?

Outside, there is water coursing through the streets at breakneck pace. It rained hard in the night, and hasn’t stopped since. Heading for the woods, I decide that it’s better to shorten the walk and let Jamie run around the school yard and woods behind it. It allows me to get him off leash sooner, giving him a chance to poop before he freezes. His fur is soaked through and he’s shaking himself periodically, attempting to dry himself.

I bought the pants and boots a couple of weeks ago with days like this in mind. Whether I can photograph or not, Jamie still needs to walk. It turns out that the pants work pretty well, keeping me dry but restricting movement a bit. They make walking more strenuous, but workable. They will work for the relatively few really wet days I see.

There is a small wood lot behind the school and we take a loop through there. It looks very different than normal. The trees are wet and bedraggled. It would be nice to have pictures, but it’s just too wet.

Looking back, I see that there have been very few days this year when it’s been too wet to photograph. There have been some days of light rain where I could still shoot. There was maybe one day when I didn’t take the camera because of rain. We may have more wet days, as April is supposed to be the month of rain showers that will bring next month’s flowers. Today’s picture is from a few weeks ago when we had a wet day.

That’s it for today. It’s disappointing not to have pictures of every possible condition, but I have pictures of the woods when it’s wet and raining more lightly, I’ll just have to be satisfied with that.

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