April 19, 2018

Sunny, 33 Degrees, North Wind 10 mph.

It is a brilliantly sunny day as Jamie and I head out for our walk. It’s an uplifting sight after so many days of clouds. Turning East into the sun, I can feel the warmth on my body, but turning North toward the woods, the wind is blowing steadily and it’s crisp and cold. True Spring is yet to arrive, but the sun is encouraging.

A couple of these cloud and branch shots worked nicely. 

When we arrive at the woods, I shoot the road as always, then wander up into the woods with no clear idea of what I will shoot today. The sun feels good, but it’s not the best thing for photography.

These distant woods were nice with touches of sunshine. 

I notice some clouds moving along the horizon and take a few shots of the clouds with some trees in front. I like what I’m seeing in the viewfinder, so I take several compositions. Then I experiment more with this kind of shot for a while longer as I move through the woods.

The road is partially in shade, partly in sun. A nice effect. 

In the end, it’s most of what I shoot today, except that I see some birds and decide to try to get some decent shots of them. These shots have no artistic aspirations and I’m not really a wildlife photographer, but they’re fun to photograph and I’m trying to stay relaxed about pressuring myself to make “Art” every single day.

A Mourning Dove flies up and lands in a tree by the trail and I photograph it repeatedly as I get closer. It’s not the clearest shot, because of the branches around it, but he lets me get fairly close before flying off. They’re pretty birds, but I’m afraid he’ll look mostly gray because of his position on the branch.

The mourning dove turned out better than expected. They are lovely, subtly colored birds. 

I shoot the road again on the way out, and a couple of more birds, and that’s about it for today’s walk.

This Cardinal is singing his morning song in a pine tree along the road. 


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