Bad News Turns Good

I’ve written here several times about the fact that the gallery that has represented me for years told me that they were going to stop representing me. Their concern was that I had not been producing new work for a while and therefore was not selling work.

I’ve been pleading my case with them for a few weeks now, mostly by sending occasional images to the owner and telling her about this project to photograph ever day for a year.

I hadn’t heard much from her, other than the occasional acknowledgment, but yesterday I finally heard from her definitively. They want to sell some of my new work, which is great news.

One of the images I sent the gallery. 

They are sorting out what inventory they want to return and what images they want from me, then I’ll print the images for them and deliver them. They will mount the prints in frames that they had made for some of my earlier images, which saves them considerable expense, and gets some of my work on the walls of the gallery where they have a chance of selling.

As I say, this is good news, really good news. It means I will have an outlet for my work and the opportunity to earn some income from it. My arrangement with them has been ideal for me and I’m glad to have it still.

Another one I sent. I love the mood of this shot. 

But I have to say that I’m not exactly elated at the moment. I’m pleased, but not exactly glowing inside. I probably feel bad that I’ve had to justify my value to them, when I had felt that I had a good relationship with them and sold a lot of work through them.

I’m hoping this feeling will pass, but this near-rejection has undermined my confidence in what I’m doing and in the marketability of my work. It’s not a good feeling.

I sent a handful of road shots. These look wonderful in prints. 

I wanted to share this news with you all. It’s something that’s been unresolved, and hanging over my head for weeks now. I’m glad to have a positive resolution.

5 Replies to “Bad News Turns Good”

  1. I like your winter road images! Being in a gallery can be rewarding but it is hard to constantly replenish with new work since there is a financial investment. Then you end up with the cost of the stuff that didn’t sell … money down the drain unless you can sell elsewhere. I am in a few galleries in a Colorado tourist town. The customers are always new so I am hoping they don’t ask me for all new work!


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