April 21, 2018

Sunny, 43 Degrees, No Wind.

As Jimmy and I leave the house, it is a truly mild spring day. It’s not yet genuinely warm, but I wear only a coat and unzip it as I make my way to the woods. The sunshine is hazy as there are thin clouds in the sky, and the birds are singing in full voice.

As I write this, I am beginning an extensive remodel of our living/dining room and this will effect my project for a little while. My time and attention will need to be on painting and electrical work and hanging curtains and all the things that go into a complete overhaul of this space.

Not much that I liked from today except these variations on the same shot. Each is interesting in its own way.

It’s something my wife and I have been looking forward to for some time and it seems that now is the time to do it, but it’s maybe not the best time to intrude on my project. Spring is coming on quickly now and my time and attention will necessarily be divided. I don’t want to miss this period of transition.

I realize as I prepare for the walk, that I will not be able to focus as much on photography and writing as I might like. This remodeling project will occupy a good bit of my attention, and all of my free time for a few weeks, I suspect.


My plan is to continue photographing, albeit at a less intensive pace, and to make a brief record of each day, but to suspend my posting for a little while, until I have at least the essential part of the living room done and we can reassemble our only public living space.

Although I think this is necessary, I take the camera with me on my walk today and I can’t resist using it at least a little bit. I don’t want to daudle as much, and my mind is not entirely on photography, but I can’t help but shoot a little bit. I won’t do all of the downloading and editing and posting now, but perhaps I can catch up a little later.


The walk was pleasant and relaxing due to the mild weather. I photographed some tree trunks that caught my eye because of the soft sunlight and that’s about all I shot. It will be time, perhaps tomorrow, to catch up on the budding plants and see how they are progressing. Things will be moving faster now as the weather warms.

The spring peepers were in full song down by the marsh again. I realize I have not heard, nor seen any Sand Hill Cranes for a while. They may be nesting now, and not making any noise to attract mates. I’ve also not seen and only occasionally heard any geese.


What I absolutely do not want to do is miss the leafing out of the trees, but I may be able to get the most of the painting done before then if I focus on it intensively now. I could also do some shooting in the evening, after I’ve done the day’s work, and when my mind might be clearer for photography.

That’s it for now. I’ll upload photographs another time.

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