April 22, 2018

Sunny, 31 Degrees, No Wind.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day today. Perfect for Earth Day, which is today. The sun is shining in a deep blue sky, the temperature is cool, but comfortable, and the wind is still, making it all feel welcoming. I leave the house with Jamie wearing a light coat, a hat in deference to the temperature. I can’t find my gloves, so no gloves this morning. I probably don’t need them anyway.

Soft morning light on the trees. 

The birds are singing to add to the effect of a perfect spring morning. The walk to the woods is lovely, and the woods themselves are lovelier still. There is still little visible change in the woods. Only the sun rising rapidly in the East indicates Spring is approaching.

The light was nice on these tree trunks. 

I am putting no pressure on the photography this week as I work on remodeling our living/dining room. I photograph a few tree trunks that catch my eye in the soft morning light, then shoot some leaves that are coming out on one species of bush. They have not changed a lot in the last week, reminding me that Spring comes much more slowly than I had realized before I began this project.

Kind of fun the way this branch crosses the frame. 

Down at the marsh, the spring peepers are silent as it was chilly overnight. I expect they will be singing later, as this day should get well into the upper fifties this afternoon.

I shoot little else on the way home, so it’s just a relaxed walk for Jamie and I. At home, the Maple next door is bursting with big buds and flowers. It looks like I may have missed some of the flowering, as I can see what look like old blooms. I photograph the buds and take a couple of shots of our Magnolia. Like the bushes, it doesn’t look to have changed much either.

A few bushes are starting to leaf out. 

I keep fearing that I will miss some element of the change of spring, but the leisurely pace of change surprises me. I still expect there to be a period of rapid change soon, but maybe this is an illusion too. Many bushes and trees look nowhere near ready to leaf out, so I have time yet.

The purple wildflowers look nice in the morning shade. 

I’m back to work on the house now. I’m sanding some drywall patches and putting on a second coat today. I have furniture to move, one piece that is a monster. If I’m lucky, and ambitious, I will start painting trim today. I’m really excited to see the new colors.

Those little Maple buds I’ve been watching are starting to bloom now. 

No pictures until I get the painting done. I’ll download and edit them later and post them here then. So long until tomorrow.

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