April 26, 2018

It’s been a couple of really tough days since I’ve written. The weather has continued mild, with low temperatures in the low forties and highs in the upper fifties or sixties. It’s the beautiful weather I have been waiting for and dreaming of for so long and I’m stuck inside most of the day.


Yesterday I woke up in tremendous pain from my back. I had to go back to the doctor to get stronger pain relievers. She recommended that I take high doses of Tylenol with Codeine and take the muscle relaxers and steroids as well. This pretty well knocked me out for most of the day.


I did go outside and photograph the Maples and Magnolia in my yard toward dusk because they are changing so rapidly. The Maples are in full bloom and the Magnolia blooms are opening on a daily basis. I believe that tomorrow there may be blooms that are fully open. I think I also photographed clouds for a few minutes because they were quite dramatic with high winds whipping them into exotic shapes.

I have yet to look at the pictures because I have been feeling so poorly, but I am sure there will be something there that at least will document this stage of change.


Last night, I began to get a terrible bloated feeling in my stomach. I went to bed feeling poorly and woke in the morning feeling worse. This is all on top of the continued lower back pain and high doses of sedatives. By late morning I was finally sick enough that I threw up. I slowly felt a little better as my stomach pain diminished. But I stayed in bed sleeping until 2:30 in the afternoon. I could have slept more, but my phone rang and got me up.

I dragged myself up and got dressed. I fed the animals and made a bowl of soup for myself and now I’m trying to catch up on my writing. The pain remains about the same as it has been, but I am determined to spend more time up tomorrow and maybe accomplish at least a little something.


As I look out the window now, I can see that the Magnolia blooms have opened a little further, so I’ll take the camera out again tonight when the sun is a little lower in the sky. I look forward to that.

I am bummed about missing my morning walks, especially at this lovely time of year. I hate missing my weather descriptions for each day. It’s a hallmark of this blog. Maybe tomorrow I can walk at least a shorter walk with Jamie. The poor guy has had to spend his days in the back yard, with no walk. I feel terrible, but I hope he understands that I am not well.


Needless to say, no work has gotten done on the remodeling either. I can’t imagine crawling around on my hands and knees painting trim in this condition, and I don’t want to aggravate my back any further.


I’m going to have a look at the pictures I’ve taken over the last few days. I downloaded them last night, but haven’t seen them yet. I’m hoping for some nice shot of the Magnolia. I’m also hopeful about some of the cloud photographs. They were beautiful to behold. Now I’ll see if they work as photographs.


I’ve photographed Magnolias like ours before and never managed to get any wonderful shots of them. They’re just a sea of blooms when they finally open and it’s hard to get something truly unique and beautiful. It’s strange that something so patently beautiful is hard to make beautiful in photographs. But I will try again to manage it this time.


I will upload photos for these posts at a later date, after I’ve recovered a bit more and can make time to catch up on my photo editing. It doesn’t take much to get hopelessly behind as the photos pile up every day, no matter how bad I feel.

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