April 29, 2018

Sunny, 33 Degrees, North Wind 10 mph.

It is a beautiful early spring morning this morning as Jamie and I head out for our walk. The North wind makes it pretty cool, but it’s not so much that the morning is unpleasant in any way. Since it’s Sunday morning, it’s quiet in the neighborhoods and the birds and spring peepers seem to be taking their cue from this and are quiet as well.

Getting closer makes a real difference in these shots. 

When I awoke this morning I could see that the sun was up, but it wasn’t visible from my bedroom window. That means that the sun is tracking farther North, as of course I know it does. But this reminds me that I should make a point of marking the summer solstice when it comes by getting up early enough to see where the sun rises on that day. I’ll have to get up very early at that time of year if I want to see the sun rise down by the marsh.

You can see the little flowers starting to emerge better this close. 

It feels good to be back in the routine of walking with Jimmy and I remind myself to take a more relaxed pace, even though Jamie is pressing ahead as he usually does. I have a lot to do today, as the painting of the living room awaits me at home, but I want to enjoy the morning a little before going back to that.

Here, you can even see the soft fuzz on these buds. 

My back has completely recovered from the pain earlier this week. I guess the steroids did their job. It hurt like heck for several days and then healed seemingly overnight. I am pleased at that. At my age, this sort of thing could take a long time to heal, or remain a chronic problem.


I say “at my age,” but I really don’t feel so old that I need to say that. The number, 62, seems old enough, but my life of athletic activity and physical work have prepared me to remain active well into my later years. I haven’t even considered stopping riding my motorcycle, for example.

Once again, you can see the little clumps of flowers ready to emerge. 

I spend most of my time in the woods shooting the opening buds a little closer. I use my 24-105mm lens and an extension tube, which allows me to get so close the lens hood almost touches the plants. I can see now that only three or four different plants are really blossoming and leafing out. A few others are opening tiny leaves as well, but the woods still look as brown and gray as they have for months now. Real change in the woods remains a little ways off yet.

Nice rich colors in this shot. 

It’s a relaxed day of shooting today. I have no great ambitions for the day. I am thinking of coming down in the evening and seeing what the woods and the road look like at sunset. It’s also clear that as the sun gets up earlier and earlier, I will need to do the same at least once in a while if I want to catch those beautiful hours of light at the beginning of the day.


I’ve been saying this for a while now, but it gets more and more true as the year progresses. It’s amazing to think that we are still almost eight weeks from the summer solstice. At our latitude, the sun will rise very early and set very late on that day.

Spring is getting more apparent in the marsh. This is the only long view I have in the woods. 
The Marsh is getting quite pretty from this vantage point. 
I like these flowers against the tree trunk. 
The decorative street trees are still slow to leaf out. 
Quite a coincidence that the local school I walk by every day is putting on this play. 
Things are turning green everywhere the sun shines. 
The Magnolia is getting close to blooming, and the Maple behind makes an interesting contrast. 

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