May 3, 2018

Rain, 64 Degrees, Southwest Wind 10 mph.

Beginning last night, we have had the first thunderstorms of the year. There was no severe weather, just some mild thunder and the sound of rain through our open windows. It’s another landmark when you hear that sound, and it’s a landmark that the windows are open so that you hear the rain as well.

It is as if someone flipped a switch and we are now into spring. No more thirty and forty degree mornings. All of a sudden, it’s in the sixties in the morning, with afternoon temperatures into the eighties. It’s actually been a bit stuffy and warm in the house, despite the open windows.

This has happened without my being able to fully appreciate it by walking outdoors and that pains me considerably. Pains me figuratively, but also unfortunately literally.

Last night, as I sat by the window and watched the soft evening light develop, I was looking at how beautiful our Magnolia looks in full bloom. It’s right outside the window and looked spectacular. I was bemoaning the fact that I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even go outside and shoot a few pictures before the blooms are destroyed by rain or wind or just drop of their own accord.

But I decided that I had to at least try taking pictures. It was just too good to pass up and I would be sick if my images from this year did not contain the Magnolia in bloom. So out I went with camera in hand.

My left hip and leg hurt like heck, but I was able to start shooting. Once I started, I couldn’t stop, no matter how much it hurt. The tree is beautiful and the light was beautiful and changing rapidly. I must have shot a hundred or more quickly framed pictures of the tree. I had to be fast because my back hurts badly when I look up or lean backwards.

I am hopeful that I got some nice pictures from the shoot. I aim to find out today by having a look at what I got. I’ll post them here when I get them edited.

My wife arrived home from work as I was shooting and I took a few more shots then joined her in the back yard. I was hobbling badly and in a lot of pain, but I sat with her in the back yard for a while. The sky was changing constantly as the sun moved toward sunset. I even took a handful of shots of the clouds. I’m loving the delicate softness of the clouds. I expect to be shooting a lot of clouds this year.

Much to my surprise, as I hobbled into the house, my back actually felt the best it’s felt in several days. It seems like forcing some activity, even if it’s very painful, helps my back. I had the same experience last week when I pushed myself to do some painting and actually felt much better as I worked.

I got hopeful that this morning I might be able to take Jamie for a walk for the first time in several days. I really need to get out there. Spring is passing me by as I nurse my back.

But this morning I am up and the pain is not much better than it has been. It hurts intensely to stand upright. It doesn’t matter if I put weight on my left leg or not. It just hurts like heck and gets worse the longer I stand. I can only stand for a minute or so at the most.

I am still determined to try to do some painting today. I am hopeful that my back will free up with the effort. I also hope to edit some pictures from last night and the night before.

Right now, it’s raining. It varies from a light drizzle to fairly heavy rain. It wouldn’t be a good morning for photography anyway, but I so badly need to get out and document the spring. I hope it won’t be more than another day or two before I return to the woods.

Well, I’m off to fill a paint tray with paint and roll some paint on this wall. Then I need to cut in the edges for a second coat and put that on too. I also have trim to paint in a contrasting color. It’s a fairly full day’s work. I hope that if I start, then I can continue and finish this job.

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