May 5, 2018

Sunny, 60 Degrees, Calm Winds.

I don’t know how to describe my frustration as I write this. I am sitting in bed, as I have been doing since last night, nursing my aching back and leg. The pain is not terrible right now, but things got so bad yesterday that I could walk only a short distance without extreme discomfort. My wife decided, and rightly I think, that I needed to get in bed, take the strain off of my back, and rest completely.

I’ve been doing too much and hurting a lot because of it. My lower back was so fatigued and tense that I couldn’t stand it any longer. I was beginning to feel some numbness in the lower part of my left leg, something that I had not noticed before, though it may have been there. All in all, I was a mess. Pain, pain, pain and not much else.

I’m frustrated because as I sit here in bed, I am looking out my open window onto a beautiful spring day that I want desperately to go out and photograph. I’ve walked maybe two days in the last two weeks. I’ve gotten out in the yard to photograph the Magnolia in our yard a couple of times, but otherwise I’ve done nothing else but work on painting our living room and trying to avoid the strain and pain in my back.

I’ve been waiting weeks and months for this beautiful change of seasons and it is passing me by as I sit here in pain. This time of year won’t be back for another full year and it’s a critical part of the year for my project and my story. I could miss a week in winter or summer and not lose much, but to lose two weeks in the prime of spring is terrible.

As I look out the window, I can see one tree with little leaves coming out and a second tree behind it with either leaves or blooms of some sort on its branches. Things are changing visibly, and I’m missing it. I have to be able to walk as soon as possible or there will be a real hole in my year’s story. I can’t let that happen.

So I did some stretching a few minutes ago to try to free up the knotted, crampy feeling I have in my lower back, hip and leg. I’ll do more in a little bit. I’m going to work hard toward being able to walk tomorrow, if not later today. I just can’t miss this time of year.

There is a lacy beauty to the trees I’m seeing out the window. I want to take a shot of the two trees overlapping. It’s perfect for my series of shots of tree branches. The light is really nice too, as there are a few scattered clouds around that are softening the morning light. It’s a perfect time for me to be outside photographing and I have to get back there.

Well, I guess I’m repeating myself now, so I’ll stop writing. I just need to get my back healed. I need to get back to walking outdoors. It’s driving me nuts to be lying here.

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