May 7, 2018

Sunny, 50 Degrees, Calm Winds.

It is yet another gorgeous spring day outside. A little cooler this morning as dry air has moved in from the North, but it is beautiful by any standard. I sure do miss going outside and I still can’t believe I am missing this transition to spring in the woods.

Poor Jamie has been desperate for me to walk him in the morning. His routine has been destroyed. This morning I put on his collar, which is usually a prelude to leaving for a walk, but I couldn’t follow through with the rest of the preparations or the walk itself. He’s lounging in the back yard in the sun right now, but I feel terrible that he is missing the exercise and adventure that he loves.

These images make me think of Japanese prints, with the beautiful patterns of line and the blossoms on the tree. I like the depth of field with the tree across the street.

The saga of my back injury continues today, though on a somewhat more positive note. Yesterday, the pain in my left leg was horrible. It built up all day, despite my attempts at medicating it, until I couldn’t stand it any more.

I finally asked Lisa to take me back to the bloody Urgent Care place. This is my third trip there, but this time I got a different doctor. This guy gave me a couple of shots of Cortisone in the area where the pain was, rather than some kind of general pain medication. He said it would only take minutes for the Cortisone to relieve the pain. He was mostly right. The pain diminished a lot if it did not disappear entirely.

These shots vary only a little, but they are each different. I like the darker tone of the bottom of this one.

He also prescribed an anti-inflammatory and a strong pain medicine and a couple of other things I can’t even recall what they are supposed to do. Fortunately, I was able to sleep through the night without getting up for pain relievers or laying awake in pain for hours. It was my best night in a couple of weeks.

This morning I was able to walk around with only moderate pain rather than the intense pain I was having. I’ve begun stretching and using heat and cold on the injury and I am hopeful that I might recover from this thing in the not too distant future. My only fear is that it will return when the shot wears off. I’ll just have to wait and see about that.

I also made an appointment with my primary care physician with an aim of getting some physical therapy. I hope not to need it, but I would like to at least get it set up if I need it.

Very close to the first shot, but moving a little creates a new composition.

Anyway, I guess that’s enough of the medical report. The bottom line is that I am feeling pretty well at the moment, but I am some distance from being able to walk much. I’ll try a little walk later today to see how it goes, but I want to proceed cautiously. I don’t want any setbacks.

What I do want desperately is to be taking pictures up at the woods. I want to see how the road is changing and I want to shoot the view across the marsh, the view from near the Pines, and see if the woods themselves are showing any signs of the new leaves.

I’m feeling a little better about what I’ve missed than I was the other day, now that I can at least hope to be walking over there relatively soon. I think I can still record most of the change that will happen in the woods as the leaves come out. I’ve missed a lot of the details I hoped to capture, but I haven’t missed the entire transition through spring into the summer look of the woods. As long as I get out there soon, I can live with what I’ve lost.

The darkness and warmth here captures the feeling of evening.

I’m thinking of taking the car over there with Jamie and at least shooting the road views. Unfortunately, there is no parking up there except in the driveway of the farm. There’s usually no one there, but I’m still a little hesitant to leave my car there. If I can drive up to there I can cut my walk in half and still see what I need to see in the woods.

I don’t know if I am ready to walk in the woods, but I’ll work up to it as quickly as I can and give it a try. It might not be the worst thing for me, even if it irritates my leg. It’s probably worth at least one try to see if the effort causes a setback. I would kill to be able to get over there and photograph.

I’m sure I will want to shoot over there for hours, but I don’t think my leg will allow that. It generally hurts just to stand up, let alone walk. This afternoon’s test will give me an idea of where I’m at.


Sunset Photographs

Okay, so I promised to stop with the medical report ages ago. The only other thing I have to report is that last night, as I was sitting on the couch after my shot, I was noticing the colors of the sunset shining through the newly blooming trees in front of the house. It was beautiful and it finally occurred to me that I could just walk out on the porch and take pictures.

So I grabbed the camera, took off the extension tube, and started shooting. It was beautiful. The patterns of the blooms and the branches on the tree and the trees across the street were lovely against the colors of the sunset.

I’ve included those pictures here, because it’s all I’ve got for the day. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be out on the road. Maybe even tonight. It would be a huge relief to me to get out there.

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