May 7, Evening

Well, I finally got back out to the woods to photograph and what a relief and pleasure it was. I drove the car over and parked on the road to save myself a lot of walking. My legs are not ready for the full trip by any means.

The changes on the road are remarkable. There’s green all along the roadside and small leaves in the big trees show up as yellow and green. The evening light is nice as well. All my other shots have been in the morning. 

I mostly photographed the road and the light was gorgeous. I’m sure I got shots that I can use for the portfolio there. I shot when I arrived and the sun was lighting the trees from the left at a low angle. I think these will be beautiful. I then walked all the way down into the woods and took a few quick shots down there. The setting sun doesn’t light this area advantageously, but I took a few shots anyway, just for a record.

Down along the marsh, the trail is really changing with some trees leafing out. 

Things have changed so much in the woods I can’t believe it. The paths are covered in grass almost six inches high. The bushes are touched with green everywhere and a few small trees are blooming, making a beautiful accent to the softening woods.

Even a few small bushes with leaves and a little blooming tree make a big difference in these scenes compared to winter. You can almost feel the softness of spring. 

I’ve not photographed in the woods in the evening since I started. It’s a quiet and peaceful time of day. I guess much like morning, but with a different feeling, as it’s getting darker and quieter as you go rather than lighter and more awake.


I really want to spend a serious amount of time up there to make up for all I’ve missed. The whole place looks and feels different. There are scenes that I could shoot now that weren’t of any interest before. I’m also sure there are a million details I can shoot.

The change down at the marsh near the Pine trees is not huge, but it’s coming. 

I have to be really careful that I don’t overdo things. I probably already did. My left leg is really weak. It’s not really painful any more, but the nerve must still be pinched enough that I don’t have full use of the muscles. Walking downhill is not easy, as it requires the quads to prevent you going down. The quads in my left leg are really weak.

In the woods, the change is still subtle. A little green on the ground and a few trees with leaves just appearing. 

I would love to go really early tomorrow and catch the sunrise down in the woods. It’s probably not a great idea, but I so want to catch up on my images. Things will keep for a few more days to be sure, but I can’t help myself. If I feel okay in the morning, I’ll go.

Same here. A little grass, a couple of bushes and a few leaves up high. Not gorgeous, but more interesting than winter. 


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