May 8, Evening

My heart is bursting with thankfulness for the last day of photography, of life. The woods are so beautiful now, after such a barren time. Having been kept away from the woods by my back injury, I am so thankful that I was able to get out there, even if it cost me some pain and aggravation of the injury. I had to get out there.

Beyond being thankful for the photographs, I am thankful for this whole project and how it has opened up my life. I have been put in touch so deeply with the world around me. I have been put in touch with my cameras and with my visual life in a way that exceeds anything I have done before. I spend so much time looking at things, framing images, thinking about images, editing images. It’s wonderful.

I pick up my camera all the time with no hesitation. Any time I see something beautiful. Any time I want to capture a moment in time in nature. I am becoming deeply intimate with all of my camera equipment—the lenses, extension tubes, all of the settings on the camera. I can do exactly what I want to do in short order.

I am creating a record of such a big process. It is out there for anyone to see, even if few are seeing it. Maybe it gets put together into a book of some kind, but it is in a wonderful form just as it is. A stream of images mixed with a story of a life being transformed through deep involvement with nature.

This feels like one of, if not the best, thing I have done in my life. I’ve done a lot of things and had some success in many of them, but this one feels big to me, and there is so much more to be done. I can’t wait to continue, but right now is one of the richest times of the year and I must do what I can to capture it, even if it costs significant pain. I am willing to pay that cost as long as I am able to do it and still think about pictures.

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