May 10, Evening

With permission from my doctor to resume normal activities, I’m burning the candle at both ends by going up to the woods this evening. I leave around 7:30, hoping to have good light for a while, then work toward sunset and dark.

You can see here the lushness that is beginning. I’ve de-saturated the green because it was unbelievably intense, and I’ve added a sepia tone and warmed the color overall. 

I take a few shots of the road. The sky is mostly cloudy with the sun trying to peak through, but not having much luck, so the shots look a bit flat to me. A little editing might make them better, but I’m a bit doubtful. The road is turning greener on a daily basis, so I need to keep shooting it, even if I get a little tired of it. In a week or two it will be shaded entirely by a heavy canopy of leaves.

This image is treated similarly to the one above. There’s an almost creepy quality to the overpowering growth. I didn’t feel any of this when I was there, the editing has added it. 

I photograph a variety of shots of the increasingly lush bushes and trees, working my way down the West side of the upper level. I grab some pictures of some leaves that are emerging, then loop around the East side of the brush to see if anything there looks interesting there. Nothing really grabs me and then I turn around and see this tableau of incredibly rich green brush, some trees with a few backlit leaves and a nice sky with broken clouds. It’s a good reminder to turn around once in a while as you’re walking. Something beautiful might be right behind you.

Look at these perfect little specimens of what will be quite large oak leaves. The little strands of beads will be their flowers and eventually produce acorns. 
Another shot that illustrates the incredible lushness of vegetation on the upper level of the woods. 

From there, I take the steep trail down to the lower level and the woods. There are swaths of what I know will be Lilies of the Valley. There used to be just a little patch of them in one spot, but they’re spreading all over the woods along this trail down from the upper level. Only the plant is up right now, but they will have little white flowers before long.

Lily of the valley. It should be blooming before long. 

I notice some pretty little maple leaves overhead and spend some time trying to make nice compositions of them. I’m still a little wobbly with my one weak leg, so it seems harder than it should be.

I’m not entirely pleased with this composition, but the little leaves are beautiful. 

I head down to the path along the marsh and photograph the area from the pines and down to the Southern lookout. The spring peepers are in full song. It’s getting late and the light is fading. It’s a pretty evening, The sky is mixed blue with a few puffy clouds. I take a few pictures of the clouds then head up to the car.

The trail, darkening as the sun sets. 
Notice that the distant woods are beginning to take on color as leaves emerge. 

When I get almost to the car, I realize that the meadow might be pretty in the fading light, so I hobble up there with Jamie in tow, and set up to take a few wider shots of the meadow and the now greening bushes and trees. The meadow is incredibly green. The pictures look like I over-saturated, but in some cases I’ve actually de-saturated them to keep them from looking artificial.

Remarkable richness of green. I haven’t added this in editing. It is there in reality. 

It’s almost dark by the time Jamie and I make it to the car and we load up and head home. I’m feeling a bit tired. I feel like I’ve been going like crazy, trying to make up for lost time and capture spring before it passes me by and leaves me with the relatively unchanging summer. I’ll be heading out again in about nine more hours, so I better wind down and get some sleep.

This is the shot with which this post opens. I just wanted to point out the beautiful little flecks of yellow and green in the big oak trees. It won’t be long before these are all big dark green leaves.

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