May 14, Evening

I drove Jamie up to the woods again this evening. It seemed like it had been a few days and the sun was setting, creating a beautiful light. I photographed the road, which looked spectacular again. The light in the upper branches of the trees was making the fresh leaves glow against the sky. I think the photographs will be really nice.

I don’t know what I will be able to do with all of the spectacular photographs of this road. I can probably use no more than a handful of them. Maybe ten or twelve at the most. Perhaps one for each month. This view has provided riches that I never expected.

This shot clearly shows the dangling reproductive parts of this oak flower.

Moving onto the trails, I photograph the branches and trunks of the trees along the trail because the light from the setting sun is so nice. I also shoot some of the little leaves that are still emerging from the trees.

Then I head down to the Southern lookout over the marsh and I find that the marsh is looking less and less interesting as the tree trunks are covered by new leaves. It might look better with a sunrise behind it, but it looks kind of flat now.

The light through the branches was gorgeous. 

Jamie and I head back to the car from there. I stop and take a couple of shots of the brush and trees with the beautiful sunset light behind them. I don’t know how these will work out, but they look good through the viewfinder, so I’m hopeful.

That’s it for the evening. We load up the car and head home for the evening.


It’s getting so this photography is almost a full time thing these days. I’m often shooting more than once a day, and the flood of images is hard to even get edited and posted. I haven’t been gathering my best photographs into their folder for a while now, as the pain of my back injury eats up my time and attention.

The light is also lovely here. 
Here you can see the transition of the color of the leaves as they mature. Lovely. 
The red of these tiny oak leaves is remarkable. 

I really need to go back and do that, because I have a critique session with my artist friends tomorrow night. I usually select and print some photographs for the critique. I don’t even know what I will select because I haven’t been doing the selecting as I go along. I’ll try to do it tomorrow. I can’t let this get out of hand. I would hate to have to go back through months of images and sort the best of them out all at one time.

The Oaks across the marsh are leafing out, but the light is flat here. 
The evening light was beautiful as it came through these trees. 
Here you can see the richness of the woods at twilight. 
I loved these delicate leaves floating against the woods behind. 
The richness of the greens against the evening light was beautiful. 
With the sun having set, the sky is still bright, but soft. 
This is the Dogwood in our yard. It’s hard to shoot since the blooms are all so high but this is a fairly nice shot. 


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