May 20, 2018

Cloudy, 59 Degrees, Calm Wind.

It has been raining overnight, so everything is wet when Jamie and I head down the trail and into the upper level of the woods. I was feeling very tired at the end of the day today, and the feeling continues this morning.

Lots of beautiful close-ups today. The raindrops make many of the shots.

I’ve been working on the living room remodel every day, and dealing with my injury takes both time and energy as well. My plan for the day is to take it easy, in photography, blogging, and in life.


When we arrive at the woods, I’m getting my camera gear together and Jamie scares up a Turkey in the brush by the side of the road. It flies up to escape the brush, then lands in the meadow and runs like a road runner, with it’s head up and it’s legs churning. It looks ridiculous, but it’s out of sight before you know it.


I plan to shoot mostly tight details today. I covered the woods pretty well the last couple of days, so I thought I would put on the extension tube and shoot some closeups of the various flowers and other new growth that I’ve been seeing.

Notice the perfect little stamen with the pollen on their tips.

It’s very quiet in the woods, with the gentle dripping of rain in the background. With no wind, it’s very peaceful, and I just stroll along, carrying my tripod and looking for interesting things along the trail.

I love the color and texture of the leaves in this shot.

I shoot a couple of shots of the big oaks along the road because they are just so majestic and their new leaves have such a nice fresh green color. I get a couple of shots of the Dogwood blooms against the background of the lush woods.  

These are really tiny little individual flowers on a longer stalk. Amazing perfection.

I put the extension tube on and shoot some the same flowers I’ve been shooting, but closer now. There are tiny raindrops on the leaves and flowers, which add a lot to the pictures. I think a few of these shots might be nice. 

This Oak tree is very late in leafing out. Beautiful against the dark background.

I get a chance to shoot that late blooming tree in the trail. There’s no wind, so the shots should be sharp. I shoot any small detail that I notice. I shoot a few Lily of the Valley, some evergreen growth from several different varieties of tree, and a few big buds that have opened into leaves.

I like the little bloom at upper left and the shiny leaves that I think are some kind of berry plant.

On the way out, I notice that some of the Dandelion seed balls look kind of cool, with their seeds largely washed off by the rain. I shoot several of them. I think they might be some of the more interesting shots of the day.

The raindrops alone caught my eye here.

From there, Jamie and I call it a day and head for the car.

Look at the perfection of these little flowers. Lily of the Valley.

My injury report for the day is pretty short. I woke up with a fair bit of pain in my left leg. I did my stretches and took an extra strength Ibuprofen and that made the pain manageable. I feel like I’m progressing overall. I can do the exercises with little discomfort, but the numbness remains in my lower left leg. Maybe next week it will go away?

Cool composition!
More perfect stamen and pollen.
These compound flowers have not opened yet, but the color and composition here is beautiful.
Many of the evergreens are producing new growth right now.
A different variety of evergreen.
Rain-drowned Dandelion seed head. I love the smaller one behind.
Not sure what this plant is, but the water droplets are amazing.

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