May 21, 2018

Sunny, 49 Degrees, No Wind.

I awake this morning with a panicky, overwhelmed feeling. I do not feel like I can take the time this morning to photograph in depth, write, and post my thoughts and pictures. My house is in complete disarray, my back still hurts, I have physical therapy this afternoon, and my wife is very unhappy with her job, and it’s spilling over into our personal life big-time.

Here you can see the beauty of the light this morning. 

I haven’t missed a day, other than for the back injury, in nearly four months now and I’m feeling like the goal of doing this every day for a year is simply unrealistic. It might be if I had nothing else to do, but not when life intervenes and I have other responsibilities and stresses. Then it gets tough.

The view from the Northern Overlook. Getting more and more shady and enclosed. 

Nonetheless, Jamie needs to be walked, and I might as well take the camera. It happens to be a gorgeous morning, with the sun rising over a dewy woods. I realize as I get out of the car that perhaps short sleeves are not enough for the 49 degree temperature, but here I am, and I’m sure I won’t be cold once I get moving.

I like the density and richness of this shot. 

Jamie scares up another Turkey, probably the same one, from the same spot along the side of the road. It’s amazing how his nose leads him to game. I’m sure he didn’t see the bird, but he smelled him. It re-enacts the same scene from yesterday, flying a few feet to get out of the brush, then running like a madman across the meadow and out of sight.

The Lily of the Valley still aren’t in full bloom down here. You can see the woods turning yellow and green. 

I really don’t intend to do much photography, but I am immediately taken by the beauty of the day, and the light in the woods, so I start shooting scenic shots on my walk down to the Northern Overlook. I’m hoping to catch the early morning light down there, but there are several pretty shots on the way down there due to the beautiful light. I stop and try to capture the light in several places.

More beautiful light. 

On the last leg down to the overlook, I trip over a stick in the trail and, this time, I go down hard, falling on top of my camera and tripod. I don’t seem to be picking my feet up because of the back injury, and my ability to recover from stumbles is diminished too.

I’m a little shook up and my left hip aches, but nothing is broken either on me or the camera, so I continue on my way. The scene is nice, though not spectacular, when I arrive there. I take a few shots, then move on. There are better views on my way to and through the woods. 

The upper level is becoming an incredible mass of vegetation. 

I take several shots there as the sunlight beams through the cool, damp woods. I take a few more shots up on the trail, then call it a morning. I really need to keep it short today. There’s too much to do back home. I can’t stand the mess and unfinished quality to everything in the house.

I do stop on the way out to shoot back up the road from my turn-around point. I’ve been noticing this view as I turn the car around to head home. It’s time to take a minute to capture it. It’s different from the downhill shot, and it’s nice. The main difference is that it looks uphill toward an opening in the trees that shows the sky. We’ll see how it compares to the other shot.

I like the varied vegetation and the glow from the sun. 

I’ll leave the photo editing and the posting to another time. I need to mix color and paint furniture. We’re doing a multi-colored scheme with lots of details and it takes a lot of time to do it right.

This morning, my back felt pretty well, but achy. I slept through the night again, but the morning stretch out hurt, as it usually does. My back hurts moderately in the shower, but I can’t complain compared to the agony I’ve experienced there over the last month.

This is a new view, back up the road toward where I normally enter the woods. 

I can tolerate a lot of the back exercises and have been lengthening them and making them more aggressive without any negative consequences. The numbness remains, however, so I still have a way to go. Today we’re supposed to start some core strengthening exercises at PT, so we’ll see how that goes.

Look how gorgeous the light and atmosphere are here, when I arrive. 

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